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State: Uttarakhand
Population: 102,138 (2011 poll)

Rishikesh or the Gateway to the Himalayas is located very close to the holy city of Haridwar and is virtually a “carless” community nestled along the river Ganga. Rishikesh is the point where the Ganges flows from the Himalayas into northern India. Because of this Rishikesh is also considered a holy city and is completely vegetarian by law. It is the home of many yoga centres, and spiritual centres that preserve Vedantic studies (study of the Vedas).

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The famous British band, The Beatles visited one of the larger ashrams in Rishikesh – the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram in 1968. They recorded around 50 songs while living at the ashram, some of which can be heard on their album White Album.  The ashram has been closed for many years, but here is a picture of the meditation caves that are spread out around the perimeter of the ashram grounds.  

New Delhi

State:  Uttar Pradesh
Population: 16,753,235 (2011 poll)

New Delhi, the capital of India, was built along the Yamuna River and is believed to have been the city referred to in the ancient story, the Mahabharata. Now, a bustling, widespread city that is steeped in history and one can find the newer areas of Delhi such as India Gate and parliamentary buildings to busy market places such as Chandni Chowk or upscale Connaught Place, to endless temples and Mahatma Gandhi’s final resting place, Raj Ghat. There is something for all see and experience in this diverse, horn beeping drowned city.